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2019 CNY Qipao runay

Rice K will be holding the 3rd Annual Chinese New Year Qi Pao Runway. 2019 year of the pig, a year of prosperity and wealth.

What’s QiPao alot may ask. Qi Pao is a traditional Chinese dress originated in Shanghai in the 1920’s and has evolved over the course of the century. In the 2oth century QiPao became more fitting and trendy. Ladies all over China especially Shanghai, the city of fashion and wealth began to cultivate a new form of change and recognition among the world. It is highly recommended for ladies to come dressed with a Qipao to embrace tradition and show of strength. Those who do will get a complimentary appetizer and drink.

Rice K will have traditional dishes and live music on Saturday Feb 2nd. Lulla Layla , Brendan Finnegan and Paul will rock the night with Shanghai Jazz along with new tunes. Dishes will include fish, dumplings, and noodle. The three major dish of a Chinese New Year feast.

Reserve your table today. Call 718 606 8508 for more information.


World music

Thursday Jan 17 they’re back again! Avram, Nick and Dorit three incredible artists will be performing music from all around the world, including Italian, Spanish, Greek and etc. A night of music and dance. RSVP